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Emacs Keyboard Map

Recently I found an old print of a Emacs keyboard map. As it is quite useful I searched the internet to find the source for this print. I figured the old saying upload something to the internet and it’s saved forever isn’t true. Searching my ancient notebooks I was lucky and found the pdf file. I couldn’t reach the original Author Sami BEN GRINE but found the original announcement post at https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/gnu.emacs.help/t2XkXn-0UJ4:

Sami BEN GRINE 11/30/06


I have designed a keyboard map for Emacs that I think could be very useful to Emacs beginners and intermediate users.

The file is avaible in PDF format at this address: http://showfile.file.sc/39631/7gcw8KGz/emacskbdmap.htm (check the “ Download the .pdf file(0.06MB)” link at the bottom of the page. It might take a couple of seconds before the file shows up on the page - please be patient).

This is the very first version; I am sure it has some serious flaws as I am far from being an Emacs expert. I am interested in getting some constructive feedback, corrections and suggestions that will help make it better.

This is the product that I could do in a reasonable amount of time with my limited Emacs knowledge and the software that I knew (Microsoft Powerpoint). I would like to switch to an open document format but I have no sufficient experience with, let’s say, Open Office. I have a strong inclination to write something with something like TeX / Metapost / Postscript but I don’t have enough skills to do that right now. Any pragmatic advice or contribution would be greatly appreciated. I hope we will be able to support more modes, commands, variables, keyboard layouts and language in the future. The fonts are probably not perfect and come from the Windows world. If you are aware of a free font that is more readable, please drop me a line (please be very specific about what you think is effective - don’t send me a link to “The Best 500 free programmer’s fonts”).

I had to insert a copyright notice in the document because I want to have my word on the direction it’s heading towards. My wish is to make it as open as possible so that anybody can get access the source document and freely improve it. I simply don’t know which license to use for that purpose (Creative Commons? Gnu Free Documentation License? GPL? Anything else?). I don’t mind giving it away to the FSF for instance as long as these basic principles are matched. Until this is resolved, feel free to distribute this map to your relatives, friends or immediate collegues. I would love to see them printed on plastic cards and widely distributed. I don’t intent to make any profit out of this - if by accident any money was made out of it, I would like it to fully support Emacs and the FSF.

I hope you’ll find it useful.



I guess Sami is OK with it. I don’t have any source for the file and cannot provide any updates for it. It was just great work and should be available to new and old Emacs users.