Babblings about Systems Administration.


A couple of month ago we had a discussion about partitioning on the USENIX/Sage mailing list. Laziness tends to configure only 3 partitions today: /boot, swap and /. With LVM you can easily resize partitions and there are quite some advantages:

Looking around on some of my systems i figured this one as a practical layout:

Table 1: Partitions
mount point partition type size recommenation mount options comment
/boot real partition 200 MB defaults,noatime,nosuid,nodev,noexec  
/var lvm 16 GB or more. nosuid,nosgid,nodev  
/tmp lvm 4 GB noatime,nodev,nosuid,nosgid  
/usr lvm 16 GB noatime,nodev  
/usr/local lvm   noatime,nodev  
/home lvm 20 GB noatime,nosuid,nosgid,nodev on systems with users
’/ lvm 1 GB noatime  
Table 2: swap space rules of thumb
Available RAM Swap space required
Between 1GB and 2GB 1.5 times the size of RAM
Between 2GB and 8GB Equal to the size of RAM
More than 8GB .75 times the size of RAM